Version : 18.1 

SIM statistic report updated. 
(Hope it will give a clear report for SIM balance. But its depend on operator SMS Delivery.) 
[Now you can manage accounts for SIM provider. 
1st you need to add all providers (Admin > Settings > SIM Provider > Add Provider) 
2nd you need to set your all SIM to SIM Provider. (Admin > Settings > SIM details > Edit > Set Provider) 
3rd you can add balance in your provider account (Admin > Settings > SIM Provider) 
When any provider SIM received any amount from Provider then it will reduce from provider Balance. 
You can check Provider payment history and Provider received history from provider page.]

From now All Additional Commission will show in Admin Report > SIM Statistic (Extra). Depended on SIM SMS.

iPhone login page updated. New Module Added for SIM Provider Management.

Admin Request Log page Pagination Added.

Admin Notification system updated. 
(Now notification will show in the bottom right corner. The user needs to click on the notification to mark read.)

Reseller new flexiload request page Package system updated.

Reseller can send now request from any page using the new widget.(Click to send button in the right side.)

All user (Admin/Reseller) will show notification right bottom corner before logout. User Can click to notification to extend Session time

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